Jim Howard

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Jim has worked with the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, ORF and Arte, as well as collaborating with independent film makers.

Selected credits

LongMovie (2016) Film/Art Installation. 4 x 60 mins . Dir. James Scott

Jon Spaull (2016) Photographer’s Showreel 2 mins Dir.Jon Spaull

Waste Cooking - Make Food, Not Waste (2015) TV Documentary. 5 X 30 mins. Mischief Films Dir. Georg Misch & David Gross Arte/ORF

Focus On Infinity (2014) Documentary. Mischief Films Dir. Joerg Burger

Tweet (2014) Short. Dir. Tom Holland

The Invisible Man (2014) Documentary. ORF Mischief Films Dir. Georg Misch & Una Ní Dhonghaíle

It Pays To Stay Sharp (2013) Documentary Short. Dir. Jim Howard and Jon Spaull. Trento Film Festival

Ships of the Desert (2012) ORF Mischief Films. Documentary Dir.Georg Misch

Windows on the City After Dark (2011) Dir.Jon Spaull - Audio/Slideshow Short Film

Albert Schweitzer - Anatomy of A Saint (2010) SWR/ARTE/France 3 Alsace. Mischief Films. Documentary Dir.Georg Misch

The Freelancer (2010) Deptford Films. Dir.Jon Spaull/Jim Howard/Sean Caughlin. Short Film

A Road To Mecca (2008) The Journey of Muhammad Asad ORF/Arte/NMO. Mischief Films Dir.Georg Misch. Documentary feature. Jury Award 2008 FIDADOC Film Festival (Morocco)

Take Me To Your Leader (2008) Frisson Film Dir.Keith Wright. Independent Feature Film

Wake Up Call (2006) dir.Keith Wright. Frisson Films. Short Drama

Calling Hedy Lamarr (2004) Arte/BBC/AVRO. Mischief Films Dir.Georg Misch. One hour documentary Arena BBC2. Honourable mention at Cannes Critic’s week and Locarno Film Festival.

Long In The Tooth (2001) Frisson Film Dir.Keith Wright. Short drama. Winner of the Wrangler Short Film Competition.

Leaving England (2001) Dir/Artist James Scott. One hour installation with film, paintings and music/soundscape. Los Angeles spring 2001 and New York june 2002.

Free Museums (2001) Dir.Wiz Hoc. Film for the Number 10 Downing Street website.

The Small World Of Dominic Holland (2000) BBC Radio 4 comedy show.

Style Tribes - Fashion (2000) MayaVision Dir.Georg Misch. 56 min documentary. Broadcast in 30 countries in Europe, and in China and Brazil.

Stardust (1999) Metroland Series Dir.Lucy Allwood 30 mins. Carlton TV.

Pride (1999) Coup De Grace Films Dir.Graham Short Drama. London Film Festival, Dublin film Festival, Bradford Film Festival.

The Mag (1999) dir. Rosie Warboys. 20 part series for Channel 5. (two short films within each episode)

Ercol Furniture Advertisement (1999) Dir.Georg Misch. 30 secs. Channel 4 and satellite

Linking the Nation (2000) Channel 4. Millennium Miniatures. World Wide International Dir. Georg Misch. Documentary.

Homeless (1999) The Production Tree. Dir.Helen Cross. Documentary short.

Millenium Products Launch Design council (1999) 1.30 min corporate promo.

‘Ere We Go (1999) 26 mins documentary. Dir. Georg misch.

Into The Woods (1999) NFTS animation. Dir.Gerry White. London Film Festival

The World According To Gus (1999) Channel 4. APT Film & Television. Dir.Julian Hill

Circus (1998) Documentary. Dir.Rosie Worbouys. British Short Film Award

Stan’s Slice of Life (1998) Central TV Dir. Keith Wright. Drama

London Film Festival Trailers (1998) 5 x 30 second adverts

Nike Promotional Video (1998) 5 mins.

Pride (1997) Coup De Grace Films. 20 mins drama. London Film Festival, Dublin film Festival, Bradford Film Festival.

25 Years of the NFTS (1997) 30 mins Documentary. Dir.Nick Goodwin.